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Rocket Kits With Camera Reviews

rocket kits with camera
Rocket Kits With Camera

Fortunately, there are a few different types of rocket kits with camera included. This article reviews the Estes AstroCam 110, the Mate808, and a USB stick camera. All of these cameras have a similar purpose: to record a video of your rocket flight. However, some types of cameras are more versatile than others. For instance, you can install a GoPro Hero Session on a USB stick and fly the rocket with it.

Estes AstroCam 110

The Estes AstroCam 110 rocket kit with a built-in camera was introduced in the 1979 Estes catalog. It was the first kit with a camera for model rockets and is capable of flying with either B6-4 or C6-7 motors. The model rocket used the Estes Delta II launch body, and the camera is mounted in its nose cone. The lens uses 110 film, with an aperture perpendicular to its main axis.

The rocket kit also includes a camera that records video and audio at launch and during flight. The camera itself appears to be a standard off-the-shelf device, with a button on the flat side and a 16GB Micro SD card slot. Pressing the button unlocks or locks the camera. At the end of the camera, there is a tiny hole for the microphone and lens. The camera is plugged into a standard USB 2.0 connector.


The Mate808 rocket kit with camera combines aerodynamics and a video camera. It has a wide angle lens and full HD video recording. Its light weight means it can easily be strapped to a model rocket without destabilizing the model. The video quality is decent, considering the low price. It has a micro SD card, and you can attach it to a computer with a micro USB cable.

The mounting sled for the camera must fit inside the avionics bay. This may require some modification, so that the sled fits snugly against the rocket. The camera must be mounted through a hole that is precise enough to allow the lens to slide in and out easily. The mounting sled is designed to fit a camcorder-style video camera, so that the camera can be inserted through the body, and the camera can be protected by Kevlar string.

GoPro Hero Session

The GoPro Hero Session waterproof action camera is the latest addition to the line up of action cameras from the makers of the HERO and the HERO2. It is smaller than previous versions of the GoPro, and comes with a small light on its front right corner to let you know when it is recording. The Session is 60% smaller than the previous models and weighs only 1.5 oz. The camera records Full HD video at 60 frames per second, and can also be worn like a corsage.

The Session camera is not for the average person – it’s only for the pros. The Hero 4 Silver is the best all-round camera, but the Hero 5 is expected to be even better. If you’re looking for a camera that will last you several years, the Hero 5 is likely your best option. You’ll also be able to use extended batteries for the Session.

USB stick camera

A USB stick camera is a fantastic addition to any rocket kit. Rather than using a traditional video camera, this new gadget records videos on a USB thumb drive or external USB disk drive. The camera can record up to 2 terabytes of video and can even be uploaded to YouTube. Its sleek chrome finish makes it very convenient to carry with you. The AstroCam is a convenient accessory for recording your rocket flights, and is easily detachable. It attaches to your rocket with 2 straps, which are secured with tape. It has a minimal impact on the trajectory of your rocket, making it ideal for use with almost any model rocket.

Although the camera is not aerodynamic, mounting it on a model rocket is a great way to get a larger camera into the rocket. The footage captured from model rocket launches will provide hours of entertainment for you, and you’ll need a larger hard drive to store the footage. To get started, check out the Rocket Kits with USB stick camera, which offer this handy accessory for less than $10. You can find one in most hobby stores and online.

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